New planning application submitted for West of Rayleigh

Countryside has submitted a new planning application for the development of land west of Rayleigh (known as site allocation SER1) to address the reasons Rochford District Council’s planning committee cited for refusal of the outline planning application in January. These reasons were flood risk, education capacity, transport and highways, and sport pitch provision.

The application is accompanied by additional/updated supporting information, namely:

  • An Open Space and Playing Field Assessment addressing playing field provision;
  • A Flood Risk Addendum responding to specific matters raised regarding the previously submitted Flood Risk Assessment;
  • An updated Transport Assessment, which explains in more detail how the proposed development will contribute to transport mitigation at the Rawreth Lane/Hullbridge Road roundabout
  • A note on education, to demonstrate that there would be no capacity constraints to provide additional secondary school places

There are no changes to the original planning application.

An appeal to the Planning Inspectorate against the refusal of our original outline planning application was submitted in March. By submitting the revised application whilst the appeal is being considered, Countryside intends to continue dialogue with the Council on this important development site for the District.

The new planning application has been submitted to Rochford District Council and can be accessed here, using reference 15/00362/OUT.


An overview of the supporting information that has been submitted with the revised application:

Open space

In total, over 20 ha of publically accessible open space is planned as part of the development. Our plans provide all of the open space elements required by Policy SER1 and will be secured through a Section 106 legal agreement.

Whilst policy SER1 does not specify a requirement for playing fields, our proposal nevertheless includes just over 1.6 ha for new playing pitches.

Flood Risk

An addendum to the Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) provides clarifications to the original FRA with regards to reasons cited for refusal of the original application. It also explains that risk of downstream flooding (at Church Road) will be reduced as a result of the proposed development; clarifies that there will be no culvert removal; and sets out a strategy for the future management and maintenance of the on-site drainage system.

Traffic & Transport

An updated Transport Assessment (TA) sets out the mitigation package that has been agreed between Countryside and Essex County Council (ECC, the highways authority) and that will be secured through a S106 legal agreement:

  • Signalising and associated works of Down Hall Road / London Road Junction
  • Improved road markings and associated works at the London Hill / Station Hill priority junction
  • Signal upgrade at Victoria Avenue / London junction
  • Improvement of the public footpath up to St Nicholas Primary School and the creation of a new extension to this existing footpath into the site
  • A contribution of £250,000 towards highways improvements at the Rawreth Lane/Hullbridge Road Roundabout Junction
  • The provision of a bus service linking the proposed development with Rayleigh Railway Station and the town centre
  • The provision of a Residential Travel Plan.

It also clarifies that ECC has stated that the balance of the funding for the junction improvement scheme can be secured from other developments, and from alternative Local Highways Panel funding, and that the implementation of improvements over time using pooled contributions is a tested means of delivering Infrastructure within Essex. Therefore, the need for development to be constrained pending the junction improvements being completed is not deemed necessary.


Essex County Council, as the local education authority, has stated that a financial contribution for secondary school places will fully mitigate the impact of the proposed development. ECC confirms that there is sufficient physical space at both The FitzWimarc and The Sweyne Park schools to enable expansion of existing facilities to accommodate additional pupils places arising from the proposed development.