The new homes will be available under the Help To Buy Scheme, where the government provides financial help to buy a home, for example through shared ownership.

Type of house Number proposed Affordable Open market % of overall mix
1 Bed apartment 45 45 0 23%
2 Bed house 36 15 21 19%
3 Bed house 53 7 46 28%
4 Bed house 50 1 49 26%
5 Bed house 8 0 8 4%
Total 192 68 124 100%

vb823577_2171078-31aThe affordable housing will be for rent or purchase through the Council or a local housing association. The mix of affordable housing has been developed to meet a variety of local needs. Similarly, the mix of open market housing has been designed following significant market research to suit local demand.

You can register your interest in one of the new homes here.

All homes will be two storey except for two small clusters of three storey apartments, located in the north east corner of the site next to the area of land reserved for healthcare uses, and to the south of the area of land reserved for a school. These locations have been chosen to provide a smooth transition from two storey homes across the rest of the site to the larger, non-residential buildings. These areas can be seen on the layout here.


vb731500_2161034-08aThe new homes have been designed to reflect and respect the local architectural style. They will be made of red or buff brick with some weatherboard and render detailing. Roofs will be a combination of red and grey tiles in keeping with the area.

All homes will be built to the highest construction standards and are insulated, sustainable and easy to maintain.

Every home has allocated parking, with garages provided to the majority of plots. There will also be visitor parking.

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street scene 1 street scene 2 street scene 3